The deadline for sending posters: from April 16 to May 31
The address to which the finished works should be sent:
The works should be sent in PDF format (max 30MB).
The file can be generated in any way (from MS Word, MS PowerPoint or other) and consist of one or more pages in the 16: 9 format.
Working language: We ask for posters both in English and Polish.

Posters will be published during the Congress in electronic form.

Oral lecture

Parameters of the oral presentation:
File: powerpoint (if there are any special fonts, please send them with the presentation)
Format: 16: 9
Films in ppt: embedded in the presentation and sent separately (described appropriately).
Readability of the presentation: contrasting colors, large font, we avoid print screen from websites

Please, do not use the presentation in pdf.
Please do not put hyperlinks in the presentation - we do not connect to the Internet during the event.

Guidelines for filing in the presentation:
File format:
- mp4 (about 15-20 mbps is enough),
- mov (codec HAP, Photojpeg)
Resolution - preferably 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720
- .mp3 or .wav
- jpeg,
- eps,
Resolution 1920 × 1080.

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The oral presentations should be performed in the Slideroom room during the conference no later than one hour before the session.

If you want to send presentations from your own device, you need to inform the organizer about it beforehand, providing the details of the presentation (eg: whether there is a sound, a movie in the presentation) and information about the device (eg a laptop keyboard, type of input).
You should come to the test at the date set by the organizer.